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Ennio Silvestri

Ennio Silvestri

PhD Student

+41 22 379 55 26

Ennio is a PhD student at the University of Geneva. He graduated with honors in Molecular Biology in Italy, at the University of Siena. During his undergraduate studies, Ennio was a trainee at UCL London to study proangiogenic factors in choroidal neovascularization, where he learned the basics of molecular biology, mouse breeding, and microdissection of biopsies. In 2019, Ennio began his PhD in Switzerland by joining the Meraldi lab. Ennio focuses on the involvement of the mitotic kinase Aurora-A as a driver of chromosomal instability in dividing cells. Ennio is an expert in cloning, immunohistochemistry, light microscopy and live cell imaging.
Throughout his studies Ennio has been active in the student communities organizing social and scientific events, currently he is part of the committee of the doctoral student association. When not in the lab, Ennio enjoys listening to music, reading news, and participating in outdoor activities.

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