An EFSD grant for a new approach to treat diabetes

Dr. Charna Dibner was awarded the EFSD/Novo Nordisk Grant for Diabetes Research in Europe for her project entitled "Bridging the gap between disrupted circadian clocks and human islet function upon type 2 diabetes".

The link between circadian clocks and type 2 diabetes has been demonstrated by the team of Charna Dibner in collaboration with researchers from the HUG in a recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States. This European research grant will allow Charna Dibner and her team to explore further the influence of day-night alternation on pancreatic cells from Langerhans islets and the potential for diabetes care.



A Langerhans Islet with insulin-producing cells (in green), and glucagon-producing cells (in red). Cell nuclei in blue. © UNIGE , Dibner Lab

4 Jun 2020