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Devashish Dwivedi

Dr Devashish Dwivedi

Junior Lecturer


Devashish is Junior Lecturer (Maître Assistant) in Meraldi Lab at the University of Geneva. He is a cell-biologist interested in understanding how the centrosome duplication is synchronised with the cell cycle. 

He did his PhD at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Mohali, India. During his PhD studies, Devashish worked on the role of Hook2, a cytoplasmic dynein activating adaptor in regulating mitosis and cytokinesis, where he learned molecular biology, advanced microscopy and biochemical assays. In 2019, Devashish joined the Meraldi lab as a postdoctoral fellow. Devashish focuses on the molecular mechanisms governing the progression of the cell and centrosome cycle.

He is inspiring to begin his scientific career studying how different events during the centriole duplication cycle are synchronised with the cell cycle as both processes share multiple regulatory proteins. Since both the systems are dysregulated in tumours and cancers, his work also carries implications for public health. 

In addition to scientific experiments, Devashish likes watching movies, travelling, hiking, and photography when not in the lab.


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