Perrine Castets



Live shooting in the laboratories with the team from La Télé (Vaud Fribourg) for the Telethon 2023

Book and pen sale, with the CMU laboratories


Making off with the team of La Télé (Vaud Fribourg) for Telethon 2022: interviews with the researchers of the Department Cell Physiology and Metabolism, and visit of the laboratories working on skeletal muscle. 

Really happy to welcome the coordination team of the Swiss Telethon in our labs !

téléthon 2022.jpg


Peluche sale for Telethon 2021 with the researchers of the CMU.

So nice to meet Lény, ambassador of the Telethon 2018 !

téléthon 2021.jpg

TELEthon 2020

As the health context prevented us from mobilizing directly with the public, we brought the public to the labs through videos, for the 33rd Telethon. We explain in these videos, how our work can help understanding the mechanisms leading to the alterations of skeletal muscle in neuromuscular diseases, a decisive step towards the development of therapeutic strategies. 

Laboratoires du Prof. Wehrle-Haller et de la Prof. Frieden

Laboratoires du Prof. Hannouche et de la Prof. Castets