[819] Innovative Molecular Imaging Techniques


Research activities of the Nuclear Medicine group focuses on innovative molecular imaging techniques such as positron emission tomography (PET) allowing for visualization of radio-labeled tracers for the evaluation of metabolic function of organs and in-vivo analysis of living tissues. The main domains of application of these techniques are: oncology, cardiology and neurology. Among several projects underway one should mention:
Evaluation of myocardial viability and its predictive value in myocardial infarction and coronary artery disease
Detection and monitoring of cancers using new imaging biomarkers and molecular tracers
Assessment of neurodegenerative diseases and cerebral metabolism
Development of new radio-labeled tracers
Research and development of new imaging techniques for animal studies

These domains are being explored by several interdisciplinary projects in collaboration with other clinical departments and research teams from the CMU and CIBM.
On another hand the research team also focuses on developments in the domain of informatics and digital imaging software and programs for image processing and image analysis. Development of such tools is essential for application of the new imaging modalities in clinical and fundamental research. Measurement of quantitative parameters being a critical component of new molecular imaging techniques and nuclear medicine. These developments are undertaken by multidisciplinary teams from different divisions of our department: medical informatics, radiology, radio-oncology and nuclear medicine.

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