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[1014]Laboratory of High Precision Radiotherapy for Prostate Cancer


Our research focuses on the radiotherapy treatment of localized or recurrent prostate cancer, with a specific interest on the different treatment image-guided techniques and the use of molecular imaging in the planning of radiotherapy treatments.
This research activity develops mainly on two axes:
• A clinical and application oriented axis with the development of clinical studies exploring the role of high-dose stereotactic body radiotherapy for localized or oligometastatic prostate cancer. Specifically, we are actively involved in different SAKK and EORTC national and internationals studies aiming to optimize the treatment of prostate cancer at different disease stages.
• A translational axis aiming to develop a HIFU (high-intensity focused ultrasound)-based hyperthermia coupled with radiotherapy for the treatment of patients with a local prostate cancer relapse after radical prostatectomy or for patients with symptomatic bone metastases.
A parallel translational and clinical research program with a strong collaboration with the Nuclear Medicine unit, the Memory Center and the Cardiology department will evaluate the impact of low-dose radiotherapy for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and cardiac amyloidosis.

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