Research groups

[539] Functional MRI Lab


Our laboratory's activity is focussed on 2 main lines of research. The first one concerns development of new acquisition, processing and analysis techniques in MRI and MR spectroscopy, applied to neuroscience. The second is the application of these techniques to the study of human brain function, applied in cognotion, perception or cerebral development. We are also involved in clinical research, in particular in presurgical evaluation of epilepsy and in brain tumor monitoring. Several collaborations have been established between University Hospital of Geneva and external centers (EPFL, cea Orsay in France, B&W Hospital at Harvard Medical Center, Boston, Beth Israel Hospital at Harvard Medical Center, Boston, Duke University, Durham). The techniques used are fonctional-MRI, EEG-triggered fMRI, structural and volumetric MRI, anatomo-functional MRI, ing and MR spectroscopy.Furthermore, our group provides logistic support in experimental design, image distribution and data analysis.

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