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[539] Functional and Metabolic MRI lab


Our research activity of the group covers many methodological aspects of functional MRI and spectroscopy, in particular new MRI biomarkers and the development of new metabolic imaging methods with high spatial resolution. The laboratory's research activities focus on the functional neuroanatomy of language and its inter-individual variability (FNS 100717), the development of methods robust to movement for imaging new-borns, using super-resolution approaches or based on navigators (FIDnav). Recently, we aim at using artificial intelligence in the Fourier domain to automatically correct the effects of motion on MRI of infants. On the other hand, we are interested in the applications of spectroscopic imaging (MRSI) in vivo, whether in its 1H version, where it is possible to obtain 3D metabolic maps with an isotropic resolution of 5mm of amino acids (NAA) or neurotransmitters (glutamine / glutamate) in the brain, or using 31P, which maps cellular energy metabolism (ATP) and certain metabolic cofactors (NADH). These measurements allow testing the viability of marginal organs before transplantation as well as to determine the oxidative stress (FNS 135425 and 182658). Finally, fluorine spectroscopy (19F) opens up new perspectives in the development of MRI biomarkers. These biomarkers can be used in inflammation imaging and for in vivo nanoparticles tracking.

group publications