Research groups

[610] Medical Information Sciences Division (SIMED)

Sciences de l’information médicale


The mission of the Medical Information Sciences Division (SIMED) is to develop and carry out research and promote medical information sciences, in order to improve the quality and effectiveness in care, clinical research and health management.

Information sciences

  • Care processes
    Developing a process-based approach to care at HUG
  • Help with decision-making
    Developing an aid to decision-making in the HUG clinical information system
  • Knowledge management
    Developing a knowledge management culture at HUG
  • Standards for hospital information systems
    Developing the use of standards in the HUG hospital information system

Center of expertise

  • Internal expertise
    Supporting the development and use of the information system at HUG
  • National and international representation
    Promoting the image of HUG in this field
  • Developing a profit center in this field
    Use the discoveries and expertise available in this field at HUG to generate income

Research, Development and Education

  • Innovative research and development
    Developing innovative approaches in this field
  • Training and Education
    Developing training and education