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Jessica Rochat

Mme Jessica Rochat

PhD student in cognitive psychology and ergonomics

University Hospitals of Geneva, Division of medical information sciences, 4, Gabrielle-Perret-Gentil; 1205 Geneva; Switzerland
+41 22 3726 271

Curriculum vitae

Jessica Rochat holds a Bsc in Psychology and a Msc in Learning and Teaching Technologies, from the University of Geneva. She studies the use of medical systems by health care professionals and patients. The focus lies on the usability and safety of medical devices or software, to improve them when still in development or to validate commercialized systems. In addition, Jessica conducts user research in several medical fields in order to understand the needs of health care professionals and patients regarding health care technology (user requirements).  Jessica is trained and experienced in different methods to study different health care contexts, like usability testing or ethnographic research (observations) and is proficient in qualitative (mostly semi-structured interviews) and quantitative settings (questionnaires, experimental research).

Research domains

  • User Experience
  • User centered design
  • Qualitative research (interviews, observations)
  • Quantitative research (questionnaires, experimental research)


  • Clinical Handoff
  • InfoKids
  • PaletteV2

Publications (selection)

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