Christian Lovis

Marzia Del Zotto

Dr. Marzia Del Zotto

PhD in Neuroscience

University Hospitals of Geneva, Division of medical information sciences, 4, Gabrielle-Perret-Gentil; 1205 Geneva; Switzerland
+41 22 379 00 00

Curriculum vitae

Master in experimental psychology, University of Trieste; PhD in neuroscience, University of Milano-Bicocca; high experience in electrophysiology and cognitive neuroscience. 

Research domains

  • Cognitive processing of visual stimuli in human beings
  • EEG data acquisition
  • ERPs, EROs and source localization analyses
  • Medical ergonomics


  • EVALAB (LABoratoire d'EVAluation)
  • InterFACE
  • Useval-DM (Evaluation de l'utilisabilité de Technologies de Santé / Dispositifs Médicaux)

Publications (selection)

The EVAluation LAB