Christian Lovis

Xavier Costa

M. Xavier Costa

Management computer scientist

Campus Biotech G6

Curriculum vitae

Xavier obtained his Bachelor degree in Management Computer Science and a Master's degree in Business Administration from HES-SO. During his career and his studies, he worked on different mobile application projects, since he is passionate about this area and desires to specialize in it.

Practicing fitness and various sports regularly, he gives great importance to well-being and likes monitoring his activities through various connected objects. Being interested in the fast-growing field of eHealth, in February 2018 he joined the SIMED data group to work on an activity sensor API management project.

Previously, he has also taught in programming and algorithmic courses. As a result of his experience within various new projects, he hopes to share his knowledge one day.

Areas of research

Mobile application development

Connected objects and activity sensors

Securing data


Electronic pillbox

"Semantic places" as part of a fleet management application

Medical Semantics and Data Analysis