Impulsivity increases with severity of childhood trauma in bipolar disorder



In the context of NCCR-Synapsy's WP#5, the clinical dimension of impulsivity was studied in people with attention deficit disorder either with or without hyperactivity (ADHD), borderline personality disorder (BPD) or bipolar disorder (BD).

This study showed a high level of impulsivity in people with ADHD or BPD as compared to the other populations studied.

In contrast, the level of impulsivity in people with BD did not differ from the general population average; rather only those with a ADHD or BPD co-morbidity had a high level of impulsivity. 

In addition, in patients with BD, impulsivity was in part dependent on the trauma experienced in childhood.  The findings of this research therefore suggest that impulsivity is not inherently related to BD but rather results, in part, from childhood traumas or the presence of a co-morbidity such as ADHD or BPD in these patients.

Author : Alexandre Dayer, UNIGE >

April 2, 2019