Two books on bipolar disorder



Bipolarity, an alternation of depressive and hyperactive phases, affects about 2.6% of the population.

What are the symptoms? Is there a reliable test to identify it? What to do about the disease? How to help a family member or partner with this disorder? Intended for the general public, Dr. Nader Perroud's le Manuel du bipolaire, an Associate Assistant Physician in the Department of Psychiatric Specialties, provides a practical overview of the disorder's history, its symptoms, its neurobiological mechanisms and possible treatments. It offers bipolar people and their loved ones new ways to deal more serenely with their difficulties.

On the same topic, Mieux vivre avec un trouble bipolaire, written by five specialists including Professor Jean-Michel Aubry, head of the Psychiatry Department. These experts give the keys to concerned patients to better understand their disease.

Author : André Koller, Pulsations Magazine >
Translation : Tania Secalin with the help of DeepL

April 3, 2017