Closing events: cultivate the link with society

On May 12 and June 2 2022, the NCCR-Synapsy celebrated 12 years of research in psychiatric neuroscience, synonymous with the end of the support of the Swiss National Science Foundation, in the company of the general public.


Photo of the event "Cultiver sa santé mentale"

During two events « Cultiver sa santé mentale », one at the César Roux auditorium of the CHUV and one at the large auditorium of UniDufour in the heart of the University of Geneva (UNIGE), Synapsy’s psychiatrists and neuroscientists shared their discoveries about the brain and mental health. The format chosen was that of a round table between researchers and clinicians to recreate the scientific dialogue as close as possible to the reality. Debates on the past, present and future of psychiatric neuroscience, interspersed with scientific presentations, captivated a large audience – nearly 500 people spread over the two dates. This original format allowed them to realize the current state of knowledge on the brain and its dysfunctions, and to measure all the work that remains to be done before understanding mental health, a prerequisite to be able to evolve treatments and diagnosis in psychiatry.

Many thanks to the audience and to the Synapsy speakers who brilliantly played the game of an original presentation format at the service of the consortium rather than their personal research subjects.

Synapsy is now continuing its activities until the end of September 2022 and is working hard to pursue research, training and transmission of knowledge. It will take the form of the Synapsy Center for Mental Health hosted by the Faculty of Medicine of the UNIGE.


21 Jul 2022