Editorial by Camilla Bellone, Carmen Sandi and Philippe Conus

Dear Colleagues,

It is with a profound grief that we are writing the editorial of this issue of the NCCR Synapsy Newsletter. As you certainly all know, Alexandre Dayer, the Director of the NCCR Synapsy tragically passed away on June 28. His demise is an immense loss for neuroscience, and certainly for our Synapsy community.

Alexandre was both an outstanding psychiatrist and a passionate scientist. He stood as an example for clinicians who are interested in pursuing a career as clinician-scientist. As a clinician, he was seeing patients, trying to alleviate their suffering and as scientist, he was developing basic science experiments to test new ideas. Thanks to his scientific rigor and his exquisite curiosity, Alexandre made major contributions to the understanding of the cellular mechanisms controlling the assembly of cortical circuits and the role of psychiatric-relevant risk genes in developmental processes.
Alexandre was a thoughtful and passionate mentor and a generous and inspirational colleague. His remarkable intelligence and integrity were an example for all who had the privilege to work with him. Over the last years he had devoted his time and energy to direct the NCCR Synapsy. Alexandre committed himself to the success of the project and of all team members. He was clearly a true leader who didn’t hide behind his authority and the way he respected and connected with others inspired loyalty and trust.

We will think of him often and when we will conduct our research, mentor students and drive the NCCR towards new horizons, his way of accomplishing these tasks with intelligence, creativity, immense generosity and enthusiasm will continue to guide us.

For many of us, his death has left a void that is difficult to fill. Alexandre, we will miss you every day, and thank you for what you have given to our community.


-- Camilla Bellone, Carmen Sandi and Philippe Conus


Photo: © C. Lüscher, 2014

19 Aug 2020