Official Opening of the Synapsy Centre

On May 3rd, the Synapsy Centre for Neuroscience and Mental Health Research of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Geneva (Unige) officially opened its doors during a symposium held at Campus Biotech. The opening ceremony was attended by the Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Professor Nicolas Demaurex, and Professor Katharina Gapp, from the Department of Health Sciences and Technology at ETH Zurich, as a keynote speaker.



The event brought together basic neuroscientists and psychiatric clinicians to discuss psychiatric neuroscience research in lectures, poster sessions and a convivial cocktail that closed the day. The event created a warm atmosphere and encouraged conversations between researchers, the executive board, the management and the Synapsy Centre community.


The Synapsy Centre is a research centre in neuroscience for mental health which aims to remedy the lack of knowledge on mental disorders through research, training and knowledge transfer. Its objective is to link laboratory discoveries with clinical observations to advance treatment and diagnosis. The Synapsy Centre has an internationally renowned scientific community, an experienced management team and a renowned coordinating committee with Professor Camilla Bellone at the head and Professor Stephan Kaiser as vice-coordinator. As one of the world leaders in mental health research, Synapsy Centre and the University of Geneva are committed to finding solutions to reduce the considerable impact of mental disorders on society.


Photos credits: Ch. Moratal

9 May 2023