SSBP 42th Annual Meeting – ”Precision Psychiatry: Are we there yet?”

The 42nd Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society of Biological Psychiatry will be held at the University
Hospital of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy in Bern. This year’s topic is “Precision psychiatry: Are we there yet?”. The SSBP brings together basic and clinical researchers in the field of psychiatry; we therefore invited
speakers with diverse scientific backgrounds. With these outstanding experts, we will discuss developmental aspects of psychopathologies and their neurobiology, animal models of sleep disturbances in mental illness, novel neuromodulation treatments for psychosis, as well as the role of artificial intelligence in the prediction of the onset of mental health problems.

There will be also a poster session and six short talks on research in biological psychiatry selected among the abstracts submitted for poster presentations and a ceremony for the SSBP Young
Investigators Award 2023.
This Meeting is intended for all academics working in psychiatry or related neuroscience, such as psychiatrists, psychologists, biologists, etc. Psychiatrists will earn 4 SGPP credits for continuing medical education.

Synapsy would like to encourage its members to submit a poster for the upcoming SSBP Annual Meeting ”Precision Psychiatry: Are we there yet?”, which will take place in Bern on November 9th 2023.

To do so, please follow the instructions below. The deadline for abstract submission is Sunday September 24th.

12 Sept 2023