CRTOH seminars are scheduled on Thursdays from 5.00 to 6.00 PM, room to be confirmed

 Upcoming seminars

  • January 19th 2023 : Presentation by Prof. Mikeal Pittet, new coordinator of the CRTOH

-> Room : A04.2906 CMU

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2022 Seminars

  • December 8th : Gotta lab,  Mahboob Ali

" UBAP2L's role beyond stress granules "

                                        Tsantoulis labMelivoia Rapti

" Predicting treatment response in rectal cancer "


  • November 24th : Borchard lab,  Marija Petrovic

" Design of STING Ligand Nanoparticles for Improved Cold Cancer Immunotherapy"

                                                  Jandus lab,  Margaux Saillard

"  CD4 T cell based cancer immunotherapy "


  • November 10th : Migliorini lab,  Luis Castillo Cantero

" Development of Bispecific Inhibitory Chimeric Antigen Receptors (iCARs) as a Novel Strategy to Avoid Neurotoxicity in αCD19 CAR T Therapies"

                                              Foti lab,  Monika Gjorgjieva Ducros

" ERMP1 in fatty liver disease and hepatocarcinogenesis"


  • October 20th : Migliorini lab,  Anna Kohl

«Targeting senescence in human prostate cancer using combinatorial CAR T cell therapy"


  • September 22nd : Cuendet lab, Weronika Karolina Spaleniak

«Right on time to defeat cancer: investigating the connection between the circadian rhythm and lung tumorigenesis"

                       Hugues lab, Julien Angelillo

«Effect of lymphangiogenesis on anti-tumor immunity»


  • June 23rd : Wehrle-Haller's lab, Michael Bachmann

Integrins in cancer: sometimes good, mostly bad "


  • June 9th : Ansari lab's, Vid Mlakar (via Zoom)

" Reactivation of p53: new treatment concepts for neuroblastoma "


  • May 19th : Walker's lab, Felipe Espinoza

"The role of microglia/macrophage HIF-2 in glioblastoma immunosuppression"

                       Wehrle-Haller's lab, Dupuychaffray Eloise

"Sex-specific impact of obesity on the efficacy of cancer immunotherapy"


  •  April 21st :   Nowak-Sliwinska’s lab, George M. Ramzy

"From induction to overcoming FOLFOXIRI resistance in colorectal cancer models"

                               Mach's lab, Emily Pauline Charrier

"Delivery of GM-CSF by encapsulated cell technology for cancer immunotherapy: clinical results and mechanism of action"


  •  March 17th :   Katanaev's lab, Alexey Koval

" FZD-specific high-throughput screening identifies novel antagonists of Wnt signaling selective for Frizzled-5 (FZD5) "

                               Migliorini's lab, Mathias Wenes

" Harnessing immunometabolism to improve CAR-T cell therapy "


  •  January 20th :   Meraldi's lab, Devashish Dwivedi

" Uncovering the effect of delayed DNA replication on centrosome structure and function"