Student Evaluation

In the areas of student evaluation, UDREM is working with the Faculty in setting up an evaluation system regrouping the activities of test development, administration, scoring, and analysis as well as procedures for documenting and following-up students' performance and progress throughout the curriculum.

These development activities are mainly carried out in collaboration with the Faculty through structured workshops and consultations in the areas of:

  • Development of a comprehensive students’ evaluation program:
    • Test construction and assessment of their psychometric properties (such as test validity and reliability)
    • Process of setting-up test scoring key and passing standard
  • Techniques of:
    • Constructing simple and vignette-based multiple-choice test items
    • Designing, administering, and scoring a standardized patient-based performance examination
    • Designing, administering, and scoring a clinical practical examination
    • Developing clinical performance checklists and rating scales
    • Developing exam/performance checklist scoring key and passing standard
  • Evaluation of students’ performance in clinical clerkships
  • Use of test results for formative and summative purposes