Advanced-Skills Building workshops

As part of its mission to promote excellence and quality in teaching, UDREM provide a series of Advanced Skills Building workshops. The workshops are conceived and designed to provide faculty with an opportunity to further develop and improve those teaching competencies which they have identified as challenging and/or would like to acquire. The workshop approach includes short presentations interspersed with individual or small group hands-on practice and large group discussions.

Program and registration form

  • Giving useful and constructive feedback: a fundamental component in learning
  • Web Toolbox 1 - Collaboration tools
  • Create one's own teacher portfolio (for promotional purpose)
  • Teaching in a clinical environment
  • Facilitate student’s small group learning
  • Clinical reasoning impediments: Diagnosis, remediation and assistance
  • Reflective practice: a tool to enhance teaching
  • Multiple-choices test questions (MCQ) 1 - Constructing a good question
  • Large group teaching
  • Interactive lecture - How to ?
  • Multiple-choices test questions (MCQ) 2 - How to interpret and use item analysis results
  • Web Toolbox 2 - Information managing tools
  • Personalized clinical supervision (upon demand)

Time and location :

The workshops are from noon to 2 pm at the University Medical Center (CMU) or at the University of Geneva Hospitals (HUG)

Validation of teaching activities :

Successful completion of each workshop is equivalent to 2 hours credit of direct teaching :

A set of hand-outs will be provided at the workshop. Additional resources are available on Chamilo

Progam director :

Anne Baroffio, Faculty and program co-director

Tel : 022 379 59 39

Mathieu Nendaz, Faculty and program co-director

Workshop Faculty :

Marie-Claude Audétat, Nadia Bajwa, Omar Benkacem, Pelagia Casssus, Elisabeth van Gessel, Noëlle Junod Perron, Jozsef Kiss, Laurent Moccozet, Georges Savoldelli, Mallory Schaub, Daniel Scherly, Johanna Sommer, Nu Viet Vu

Assistant Secretary :

Caroline Sahlé

Tel : 022 379 59 96