Mattéo COEN

Head of Clinic, Department of General Internal Medicine, Department of Medicine FMH in General Internal Medicine - AFC in Medical Hypnosis - Spec. Psychosomatic and Psychosocial Medicine

022 379 59 36


Teaching in the Bachelor and Master years (CMA of General Internal Medicine, "Communicating in the Clinical Environment" programme)
Coordinator and teacher in the "Teaching Skills" programme

Trainer in UDREM's teacher training programme "Basic teacher training" and "Advanced training workshops" and in the training programme for supervisors of the Institute of Primary Care Medicine (IMPR)
Clinical hypnosis referent in the Internal Medicine Department and certified supervisor in SMSH-ShypS hypnosis; lecturer in the Hypnosis Programme of the HUG (PHH), module "Training in Therapeutic Communication".
Conducts research projects in general internal medicine, medical education, and clinical hypnosis.


Matteo Coen obtained a doctorate in medicine and then specialised in vascular surgery (University of Ferrara, Italy). Interested in biomedical research, he arrives in Geneva where he obtains a Doctorate in Medical Sciences ("MD-PhD") at the Faculty of Medicine.

He then joined the Service de Médecine Interne Générale (SMIG) of the University Hospitals of Geneva and specialised in internal medicine (FMH in General Internal Medicine).

His interest in healthcare communication led him to specialise in Psychosomatic and Psychosocial Medicine and to train in medical hypnosis.

Passionate about teaching, he obtained the "Essential Skills in Medical Education (ESME)" certification from the International Association for Medical Education (AMEE); in order to further develop his skills in the field of medical pedagogy, he is currently following the CAS of trainer in the field of health sciences at the Universities of Geneva and Fribourg.

He is head of a clinic at the SMIG and a faculty member of the Medical Education Development and Research Unit (UDREM) of the Faculty of Medicine where he participates in various teaching and research projects.



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