Frédéric Geoffroy

Instructional technologist

+41 22 379 5966


Implementation of the Faculty policy for the integration and use of Information and Communication Technologies in medical education. The main tasks are carried out in coordination with the other members of the techno-pedagogical team:

  • e-portfolio - GPS: Development, administration and user support for the electronic portfolio (GPS)
  • Curriculum mapping - LOOOP: member of the project team for the development and management of the curriculum mapping with the LOOOP software
  • Web tools for teaching administration: Administration and evolution of the web-based tools for elective course registration, management of the master theses, etc.
  • Training of trainers: design and facilitation of workshops about the use of techno-pedagogical tools
  • Support for electronic examinations
  • Involved in research projects conducted by other members of UDREM

Core competences

  • Expert in the use of electronic portfolio (GPS)
  • Pedagogical and technical advice and support for the development of educational projects
  • Pedagogical and technical advice for online content, experience in design of MOOC format courses
  • Management and evolution of web-based tools for teaching administration (registration for elective courses, management of master's theses, etc.)


  • Member of the Master program committee, and the IT commission
  • Member of the Swissmedel, group of e-learning coordinators of the Swiss medical schools.


  •     1996: Engineering degree in mechanical engineering, University of Technology of Belfort-Monbéliard (France)
  • 1996: Master's degree (DEA) in mechanical engineering, University of Technology of Compiègne (France)

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