techno-pedagogical team

Sugar Chmiel

Aviva Sugar Chmiel

MD - Master MaLTT - technopedagogical adviser

+22 379 53 54


Mediaserver video platforms
Scheduling and managing recordings and streaming of lectures for the medical school, platform management and optimization, development of the use of videos for teaching and learning

Looop curriculum mapping tool
Mapping of the medical curriculum and supporting curriculum map usage for teaching and learning.

Student support group
Member of student support group regarding technopedagogical aspects.


  • Introducing and coordinating learning and teaching tools
  • Creating elearning modules
  • How to use video  in learning and teaching
  • Introduction of blended learning on course or program level
  • Advanced Moodle usage
  • Introduction, set up and management of ePortfolios (Logic, Mahara)
  • Serious games for teaching and learning


  • 2011 Master in Science learning and Teaching Technologies, University of geneva
  • 1991 Master of medicine, University of Zurich, 1993 MD, University of Lausanne

techno-pedagogical team