Martin Wagner

Martin Wagner is responsible for ICMPD’s Asylum Competence Centre. He has a legal background, with a specialisation on international refugee, human rights and antidiscrimination law. Before joining ICMPD, he worked for NGOs providing legal advice to asylum seekers, immigrants, non-nationals and victims of discrimination. He then worked for the office of the Austrian Human Rights Advisory Board, which monitors all activities of law enforcement agencies in Austria (among others the border police, pre-deportation, detention conditions of foreign nationals and the return process).

He worked on capacity building projects in a variety of countries, such as Lithuania, Kosovo, Ukraine,Lebanon, Turkey, Georgia, Central Asia, etc. Since 2008 he manages the asylum related portfolio in ICMPD where he authored and co-authored a number of studies, the latest one of which was commissioned by the European Parliament on the implementation of the Common European Asylum System. His recent research is focussed on asylum responsibility sharing, temporary protection, the European Agenda on Migration and issues related to Western Balkan Route, etc.