Workshop 3: Comparative perspectives across the Atlantic

Location: Uni Bastions B015


  • How far do Europe and North America face similar challenges towards migration and refugees flows?
  • What are the major similarities and differences in governing migration and refugees issues?
  • In how far do national political responses to large-scale migrations conform (or not) to international law and democratic demands, for instance regarding irregular migrants and the use of detention measures?
  • How is the security dimension addressed, how effective have been border policies, and how are humanitarian and security concerns reconciled at the border?
  • How do public attitudes towards international migration and refugees differ across the Atlantic and how do policy-makers address the challenge of xenophobia?


Speakers (please click on the speaker to read the bio):

- Kevin Johnson, UC Davis
- Philip Martin, UC Davis
- James Hollifield, Southern Methodist University
- Cathryn Costello, Oxford University
- Christiane Kuptsch, ILO
- Elizabeth Collett, Migration Policy Institute

Moderator: Gianni D'Amato, University of Neuchâtel