Christof Muehlberg

Christof Muehlberg joined German-Jordanian University (GJU) as Senior Policy Advisor to the President in April 2016, with responsibilities for strategy development, international relations and administrative reform. Previously, he served as Director of the GJU Project Office at the University of Applied Sciences (UASMD) in Magdeburg for seven years where he was in charge of the DAAD grant for establishing the GJU. Prior to joining the GJU project, Christof held the positions of Marketing Manager for the State of Georgia’s European Office in Munich fostering Georgian economic development, followed by project management for New-Global Corporation’s Madrid Office in Spain.

Christof joined the academic field in 2007 in the International Office of UASMD followed by the Otto-von-Guericke University (OvGU), establishing the career service at the university.

Christof holds a Master’s degree in Public Affairs from GCSU and an undergraduate degree in English and Political Sciences from OvGU. He is a member of the American Political Science Association and the Steuben-Schurz Association.