Sally Ward

Sally Ward works for the British Council as the Regional Manager for Higher Education in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA).  She has worked across the broader MENA region for 10 years, initially in Saudi Arabia and currently in the United Arab Emirates.  Her background is in education, management and in development.   She has worked as a teacher in the UK and South Africa, as well as being involved in teacher-education, adult education, health and development education and latterly, in higher education. 

Sally is actively involved in British Council work around higher education for Syrians - both in providing technical expertise for proposals, projects and programmes, and in advocacy, communications and policy development.   Sally was responsible for writing the project proposal for the LASER Project and has also helped to develop the higher education component of the HOPES Project which currently runs across five host countries.  She is closely involved with the management of a research into higher education for refugees across the MENA region, in partnership with UNHCR.   

In addition to her work in higher education for refugees, she manages and coordinates British Council’s higher education programmes across the MENA region.  Sally has a degree in education, a Master’s Degree in Management and has completed the University of Geneva’s Higher Education in Emergencies summer school course.  She has led and managed research, has conceptualised, written and trained various courses, and has written and edited textbooks, books and other learning materials.