Tatjana Klein

Tatjana Klein is currently serving as the Education Officer in the UNHCR Jordan Country Office. UNHCR and UNESCO jointly manage the Higher Education Task Force in Jordan which was created in response to the Syria crisis, and the large number of refugees holding secondary qualifications with limited opportunities to further their education without additional support. The Education Officer role is responsible for coordinating higher education scholarships at national private and public universities across Jordan and ensuring that barriers to access and protections concerns are addressed.

She holds a Master’s degree in International Development from Macquarie University (Australia) and completed a primary research thesis on the resettlement of Ethiopian refugees from the Horn of Africa to Australia. She has ten years’ experience working in the education sector in developing country and conflict settings. She has worked as a lecturer in the Community Services Portfolio, and later as the Portfolio Director responsible for ensuring the access and equity of vulnerable cohorts into higher education (Central Institute of Technology, Australia) .