A selection of research illustrating the diversity of projects carried out within the University of Geneva.


Digital Humanities

Bodmer Lab
The Bodmer Lab takes advantage of advances in the Digital Humanities to digitize a "library of world literature", the Bodmer Collection, that is an exceptional archive of the historically most profound products of the human mind.

Educational Technologies

InZone pioneers innovative approaches to multilingual communication and higher education in communities by designing, developing and scientifically validating learner-centered and technology-supported pedagogical models.

Educational Technologies

Research at the Laboratory of Training and Learning Technologies (TECFA) covers a wide field of investigation, including cognitive implications related to new information and communication technologies.

Computational Science

CADMOS aims to develop large-scale computational science, High-Performance Computing (HPC) and complex system modeling skills.

Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities
The growing production of digital sources (blogs, tweets, forums, emails) and extensive digitization of old corpora (Gallica, Digital Public Library of America) present new opportunities and challenges for researchers.


Health Sciences eTraining website - Hset
The Health Sciences eTraining Foundation (HSeT) is a non-profit organization that develops online training programs for teaching institutions. The HSeT team works with a network of partners from all over the world to develop educational resources in many fields of medicine.


Internet and Law

Geneva Internet Disputes
GIDRP 1.0 is a project of the University of Geneva, which offers a set of policy proposals on selected legal topics relating to Internet disputes.

Digital Citizenship Science

Citizen Cyberlab
At the Citizen Cyberlab, researchers from CERN, UNITAR and the University of Geneva are designing digital tools and organizing events that enable citizens and scientists to work together to solve the world's major challenges.



Humanitarian Encyclopedia
The Humanitarian Encyclopedia is a collaborative project with humanitarian and academic partners, based on co-creation, combining theory and practice to support the growing ranks of humanitarian stakeholders in their strategic thinking, design and implementation of humanitarian responses.