Digital Skills Program (Swissuniversities)

Launched in early 2019 by Swissuniversities, the impulse program "Strengthening digital skills in education" (P-8) aims to support the activities of the universities in the field of education, by financing projects related to strengthening the digital skills of students, teachers and institutions.

The two phases of this program (2019-2020, 2021-2024) have a funding of CHF 30 million, of which UNIGE has received 550'000.- (rounded figure), allowing the Rectorate to finance 6 projects aimed at students, doctoral students and administrative and technical staff: 

- Strengthening the digital skills of doctoral students (Bastien Chopard, Liliane Zossou)

- Digital skills @ FPSE (Sylvie Tissot)

- Critical spirit in the digital age (Mireille Bétrancourt)

- In the eye of the cyclone: an immersive experience in the multilateral diplomacy (Kilian Seeber)

- Take IT easy (Florence Dufour)

- Computational thinking in social sciences (Daniel Schneider)

In order to support the development of these projects, the Digital Transformation Office is working with TECFA to develop a digital skills repository for UNIGE, aiming students, researchers, and administrative and technical staff.

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