Steering Committee and contact


Rectorate representatives

Antoine GEISSBUHLER, vice-rector fo the digital transformation (Steering committee President)

Brigitte GALLIOT, vice-rector for Research


Faculties representatives

Lorenz BAUMER, Faculty of Humanities

Martine COLLART, Medicine Faculty

Baise DUPUIS ; Geneva School of Social Sciences

Nicolas FAVEZ, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences

Jean-Daniel MACCHI,Theology Faculty

Christoph RENNER, Sciences Faculty

Gian Paolo ROMANO, Law Faculty

Salvatore DI FALCO, Geneva school of economics and management (GSEM)

Kilian SEEBER, Faculty of Translation and Interprating


Central services representatives

Pierre-Yves BURGI, Information and Communication Technology (DiSTIC)

Jean-Blaise CLAIVAZ, Scientific Information (DIS)

Marie FUSELIER, Scientific Information (DIS)

Thierry MENGELLE, Information and Communication Technology (DiSTIC)

Laure OGNOIS, Research Service



Danielle BÜTSCHI, Rectorate


022 379 77 56