The Centre

Scientific committee

The Scientific Committee of the Centre is composed of 6 members, eminent academics at an international level and from different disciplines:

  • Prof. René Bekkers, Director of the Center for Philanthropic Studies at the Vrije Universiteit, (VU) Amsterdam
  • Prof. Guy Kahane, Associate Professor, Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy, Pembroke College, University of Oxford 
  • Prof. Swee-Sum Lam, Associate Professor of Finance, Director of the Asia Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy (ACSEP), National University of Singapore
  • Dr. Jorge Moll, President of the D'Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR), Brazil and Stanford University


"This scientific committee acts as a sounding board, validating the relevance and quality of the thematic axes chosen by the Centre and its academic activities. The diversity of its profiles, in terms of skills, geographical and cultural origins and gender, reflects the Centre's desire to approach this rapidly evolving sector in a multidisciplinary, innovative and value-added manner." 

Prof. Henry Peter, Head, Geneva Centre for Philanthropy