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Several professors and researchers from UNIGE’s different faculties work in association with the Centre on projects relating to philanthropy.



Prof. Giuseppe Ugazio

Assistant Professor of the Foundations Edmond de Rothschild Chair in Behavioral Philanthropy

T: + 41 22 379 76 18

E: Giuseppe.Ugazio(at)

Holder of two Doctorates in Philosophy and in Neuroeconomics, professor Giuseppe Ugazio is a behavioral scientist studying the neuro-psychological mechanisms that drive complex human social behaviors. Using interdisciplinary experimental methods he probes the affective, cognitive, and behavioral control mechanisms that support social decision-making. In particular, his research focuses on understanding how these decision mechanisms compete and interact to drive choices related to sacred moral values, honesty, and norm-compliance.




Prof. Florian Cova

Faculty of Humanities and CISA

E: Florian.Cova(at)

Florian Cova is Assistant Professor at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Geneva and member of the Swiss Centre for affective sciences (CISA). His research on happiness and the meaning of life is financed by an Eccellenza scholarship from the Swiss National Science Foundation (2019-2024). In addition, together with Prof. David Sander, he is coordinating research on the role of positive emotions in philanthropic behaviour. His research is at the crossroads of philosophy and cognitive sciences and covers fields as varied as philosophy of action, ethics, aesthetics, philosophy of mind, psychology of emotions and moral psychology.





Al_Bandlelight.jpgDr Anne Laure Bandle


Email: AnneLaure.Bandle(at)

Dr. iur. Anne Laure Bandle, lawyer, teaches art and philanthropy at the University of Geneva, copyright, art and entertainment law at the University of Fribourg, and cultural heritage and art law at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). As a lecturer, she designed and teaches the philanthropy course at the University of Geneva's Faculty of Law:"La Philanthropie culturelle et le droit". Moreover, Anne Laure is the director of the Art Law Foundation, a foundation that aims to promote and coordinate the work and research in the field of art law.





LBC.jpg-768x768.jpgProf. Laurence Boisson de Chazournes

Full Professor – Faculty of Law

E: Laurence.BoissonDeChazournes(at)

Laurence Boisson de Chazournes is Director of the Geneva LL.M. in International Dispute Settlement (MIDS) and Co-Director of the Geneva Center for International Dispute Settlement (CIDS) as well as Director of the Geneva Water Hub. She is a member of the Institute of International Law (IIL), the World High-Level Panel on Water and Peace (2015-2017), an arbitrator and counsel before the International Court of Justice and other international courts, and an expert to various international organisations.

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Dr Giedre Lideikyte Huber

Senior lecturer (Tax)

E: Giedre.Lideikyte-Huber(at)

Dr. iur. Giedre Lideikyte Huber defended her PhD dissertation at the University of Geneva and studied as a Visiting doctoral student at Harvard Law School in 2014 and as a Visiting scholar at UC Berkeley School of Law in 2015. Her domains of specialization are tax and philanthropy, corporate taxation and tax litigation. Her professional experience includes both the private (banking) and public sectors (Geneva cantonal tax authority). She currently acts as a Member of the Board of the Cantonal surveillance authority of foundations and pension funds.

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PittavinoM_HD.jpgDr Marta Pittavino

Senior Lecturer

E: Marta.Pittavino(at)

Marta Pittavino is a Senior Lecturer at the Research Center for Statistics of the Geneva School of Economics and Management, GSEM, within the University of Geneva. She teaches, both in English and in French, statistical and mathematical courses at the Bachelor and Master level. She is scientific coordinator and manager of the Master of Science in Business Analytics, MaBAn.

After studying Mathematics at the University of Turin, Italy, Marta received her PhD in Biostatistics at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. Subsequently, she joined the International Agency for Research on Cancer, IARC, (part of the World Health Organization, WHO) in Lyon, France, as post-doctoral scientist, applied statistician. Her research interests focus on applied statistics: data analysis, forecasting and regression methods, Bayesian hierarchical models, with application to various fields including philanthropical and epidemiological studies.

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Prof. Giulia Neri-Castracane

Faculty of law

E: Giulia.Neri-Castracane(at)

Prof. Giulia Neri-Castracane teaches philanthropy at the University of Geneva and corporate social responsibility at the University of Italian-speaking Switzerland (USI). She designed and taught the first philanthropy course at the University of Geneva's Faculty of Law: «Philanthropy and its main legal implications». Her research also focuses on corporate governance, sustainable development, Sustainable Development Goals, socially responsible investment and social and/or hybrid enterprises.




Photo__David_Sander_CISA.jpegProf. David Sander

Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences / CISA

E: david.sander(at)

David Sander studied mathematics and psychology at the University René Descartes (Paris, France), and received a PhD in Cognitive Sciences from the University Louis Lumière (Lyon, France). In 2002, he joined the Department of Psychology at the University of Geneva (Switzerland). He is now full professor in this Department where he directs the Laboratory for the study of Emotion Elicitation and Expression. In 2012, he has been appointed Director of the Centre Interfacultaire en Sciences Affectives, and of the National Center of Competence in Research (NCCR) in Affective Sciences. He is mainly interested in the mechanisms involved in emotion elicitation, and how these mechanisms modulate attention, memory, and decision-making.

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haoua.pngHaoua Savadogo

PhD student – Faculty of Law

E: Haoua.Savadogo(at)

Haoua Savadogo is a research and teaching assistant and a PhD student at the Faculty of Law of the University of Geneva. Her thesis focuses on the responsibility of companies to respect human rights. She holds a Master's degree in Economic Law and an LLM in International Dispute Settlement from the University of Geneva and the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies. She is currently working with the Geneva Water Hub on the UNDP/UNAMI project on the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers in Iraq. She previously worked as a legal assistant at the International Court of Justice in The Hague (Netherlands) and in law firms in Paris.



2019_11_20_9999_20.jpgDr Emma Tieffenbach


E: emma.tieffenbach(at)

Emma Tieffenbach holds a doctorate in philosophy and is a lecturer at the University of Geneva and the University of Lausanne. She designed and teachers the course "The Ethics of Philanthropy" in the Department of Philosophy. Her areas of publication are moral and political philosophy.







Mara Tignino.jpgDre Mara Tignino

Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law / Institute for Environmental Sciences

E: Mara.Tignino(at)

Mara Tignino is a Lead Legal Specialist at the Platform for International Water Law of the Geneva Water Hub. She teaches courses in international environmental law and international water law. Ms. Tignino acts as an expert and legal advisor to States and international organisations (Inter-American Development Bank, UNITAR, UNEP, UNDP, UNFCCC and OSCE).

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