Philanthropy Lunch : "Why do people give? "

Thursday 27 June 2019, 12:00 - 2:00 pm | Uni Mail, room MS160

People care about why donors give, not just how much. Why do so many people choose to give their hard-earned resources away? The altruistic behavior of donors turns out to be difficult to explain. A desire to benefit others cannot explain why people praise anonymous donations, nor why they give to more than one charity. If not the prospect of doing good, what then motivates donors? A great number of studies have identified various affective motivations to be derived from the act of giving: a“warm-glow feeling”, prestige, guilt avoidance, transcending one's self, or gratitude,

Can these emotional gains explain why people give?  And do they count as self-interested motivations? How efficient, or ethically advisable, is it to use people’s emotional propensities to nudge them towards giving? 


Doors open – 11:45 am 
A light lunch will be offered

WELCOME – 12:00 pm 

Prof. Henry Peter, Head of the Geneva Centre for Philanthropy

PANEL – 12:05 pm 

Moderated by Prof. David Sander, Head of CISAUniversity of Geneva.
Dr. Emma Tieffenbach, lecturer in Philosophy of Philanthropy, Academic fellow of the Geneva Centre for Philanthropy
Prof. Giuseppe Ugazio, Assistant Professor, Edmond de Rothschild Foundations Chair in behavioural philanthropy
Prof. Florian Cova, Lauréat FNS Eccellenza Professorial Fellowship 2018 in philosophy, Faculty of Humanities and CISA, University of Geneva

Q&A – 1:10 pm

CONCLUSION - 1:40 pm

Prof. David Sander

UPDATE on the Geneva Centre for Philanthropy – 1:45 pm 

Laetitia Gill, Executive Director of the Geneva Centre for Philanthropy

NETWORKING – 1:50 pm

June 3, 2019