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September 2017

NEWSLETTER - Research Services



Evaluation in Research : SPOC

The SPOC (Small Private Online Course) on "Research Assessment and Research Quality in the Social Sciences and Humanities" is on line.

Would you like to know everything about evaluation of research projects and how the career of a researcher is evaluated? Discovering gender issues of interdisciplinarity and in the evaluation?

This SPOC is made for you, free of access for the whole academic community UNIGE.

Swiss Science Briefing

"Never trust the numbers : Alternative ways of assessing research in Social Sciences and the Humanities"

This event is organized together with Swissuniversities, SwissCore and the Swiss Mission in Brussels.

It closes the P3 program of Swissuniversities on the theme of the performance of the research in Social Sciences and Humanities which the Research Services of the UNIGE coordinated these last years. It will allow to think about the role, about the output and about the evaluation of the search(research) in SSH, in particular in connection with the next European framework programme FP9.

Speakers and panellists include:

* Alexander Hasgall, Former scientific coordinator of CUS–P3 and Head of the Council for Doctoral Education of the European University Association
* Ortwin de Graef, Professor at KU Leuven, President of the the steering SSH committee of the LERU,
* Gabi Lombardo, Director EASSH
* Axel Marion, Head of Division Higher Education Policy, swissuniversities
* Moderation by Laure Ognois-Zaugg, Director Research Services, University of Geneva.

19 October 2017 – 5.00 pm – 7.00 pm
Mission of Switzerland to the EU (Brussels)

Entrepreneurship in Social Sciences and Humanities

During the worldwide week of Entrepreneurship (nov. 13-17, 2017) the Research Services organizes a round table "Entrepreunariat, innovation and Social Sciences and Humanities" with a triple objective :

* show by concrete testimonies of entrepreneurs from SSH that (successful) adventure entrepreneurial is also open to the SSH;
* exchange best practices, with a putting in international prospect;
* think about the specific frame which the SSH needs to develop their projects of new business start-up in Geneva (and somewhere else).

Main speakers :

* Giuseppe Di Salvatore, co-founder of "Filmexplorer" and philosopher by training.
* Sandrine Cina, Founder & CEO of Includeed
* Clément Charles, Founder & Director of Allthecontent
* Dieter Leonhard, President of the university of the Applied sciences of Mannheim, Former president of the French-German University.
* Nicholas Niggli, Managing director of the Head office of the economic development, research and innovation of the Canton of Geneva.
* Denis Hochstrasser, Vice-chancellor of the University of Geneva, Head doctor of Department to the HUG.
Moderation : Laure Ognois-Zaugg, Research Services Director, University of Geneva.

17 November 2017 - 3.00 pm - 6.00 pm
Uni Mail
(unilist to come).




H2020 - Work Programmes 2018-2020

The European Commission will publish soon the last work programmes of H2020, with a record EU budget of around €30 billion for research and innovation actions in all scientific and technological fields.
Several information events will take place in October-November, in Geneva, Lausanne and Bern. We keep you posted.

Important : Research data Management in the H2020 projects

All Horizon 2020 projects starting from January 2017 are by default part of the Open Research Data Pilot (ORDP). The ORDP aims to make the research data generated by selected H2020 projects accessible with as few restrictions as possible, while at the same time protecting sensitive data from inappropriate access.

When your project is part of the pilot, you should:
* create a Data Management Plan (DMP). UNIGE’s Library offers Research Data Management support to help you planning:
* select a data repository. If your Horizon 2020 project is part of the pilot, and your data meets certain conditions, you must deposit your data in a research data repository where they will be findable and accessible for others. That will preserve your data, metadata and possibly tools in the long term. It is advisable to contact the repository of your choice when writing the first version of your DMP:
* you are not expected to share sensitive data or breach any IPR agreements with industrial partners. You do not need to deposit all the data you generate during the project either – only that which underpins published research findings and/or has longer-term value.

Please consult EC’s Guidelines on Data Management in Horizon 2020.


Supplementary information following the meeting held on June 14th, 2017 at UNIGE.


The Open4Research interface offers you easy access to international funding opportunities for research and training activities on all disciplines.
Did you know that you can "Save your search" and check a box to receive "Email notification" of new funds matching your search ?

Press articles

The Research Services is the object of two articles appeared in Bilan " SME : Europe can finance your innovation " in June, 2017 (French only).
And, in July, 2017, on the CCIG newspaper concerning the return of Switzerland in Horizon 2020.(French only).

Euresearch Newsletter

Euresearch publishes a monthly electronic newsletter with the latest information about Horizon 2020 calls and related events across Switzerland and Europe, as well as dedicated news for companies.
If you don’t get this newsletter and you would like to register now, please write to

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SNSF information

SNSF will come to the UNIGE for an information session on the reforms of the funding instruments in research.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017
An unilist will be send soon for more details.

Young Researcher’s day 2017

A winning doctorate for a successful career
This event targeting doctoral and post-doctoral fellows, is organized by the Research Services in collaboration with the Equal Opportunities Office and the Human Resources Division. Questions from young researchers on the continuation of their university studies and their professional future will be addressed.
In the morning, presentations and testimonials will give information and advice to undertake, fund, value the doctorate and the post-doctorate. The afternoon will be dedicated to workshops supervised by professionals from the public and private sectors to learn to highlight its assets, to develop the necessary soft skills and how to better prepare one’s professional career in academia or outside the University. The day will conclude with a debate on "Entrepreneurial Skills" organized around a round table with specialized speakers.

Thursday, 7 december 2017; 9.00 am - 6.00 pm
Uni Mail S160
Registration possible in November 2017 on our website (unilist to come).

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ERC Advanced Grant -
Prof. Harry Jonas Pontusson

Professor Harry Jonas Pontusson from the Department of political science and international relations, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities obtained a prestigious ERC Advanced grant for his Unequal Democracies (UneqDems) project.

Prof. Pontusson obtained his PhD at the University of California, Berkeley, in 1986. After being an ordinary professor to Cornell University, Princeton, he is since 2010 an ordinary professor at the University of Geneva.




35 new COST Actions were approved for funding this summer, providing a networking opportunity to the scientific community.
Researchers in Switzerland interested in participating in one of the 35 Actions should contact the SNSF at

Helmut Hartweg funds

With the resources available from the Helmut-Hartweg-Fonds, the SAMS awards personal grants to physicians for specialist training in medical radiology.
For young scientists wishing to pursue an academic career in Switzerland, these grants make it possible perform research abroad, thus expanding their knowledge and enhancing their scientific profile.
Deadline for submission is : September 30, 2017

SNSF Project funding

Under the project funding scheme, qualified researchers define their research themes and objectives themselves and conduct their project under their own responsibility.
Deadline for submission is : October 2nd, 2017

Neode Prize

The Neode Prize rewards the creators of an innovative product in the field of medicine; with financial support and the logistics offered by the technology park, they will be able to develop and promote their idea.
Deadline for submission is : October 6, 2017

ERC - Starting Grant

The ERC Starting Grants offer funding to top researchers at the beginning of their research careers (2 to 7 years of research experience after PhD) .
Deadline for submission is : October 17, 2017

Leenards Foundation - Human Genome Sequencing

In the framework of personalized health development, the Leenaards Foundation is launching a call for projects to support a research project with a significant clinical impact, helping to finance the sequencing and analysis of the human genome.
Deadline for submission is : October 23, 2017

Investigator Initiated Clinical Trials (IICT)

With the special programme Investigator Initiated Clinical Trials (IICT), the SNSF is promoting clinical studies in under-researched areas that do not attract industry interest. The call is limited to prospective, randomised, controlled and multicentric intervention studies.
Deadline for submission is : November 1st, 2017


PRIMA grants are aimed at excellent female researchers from Switzerland and abroad who aspire to a professorship in Switzerland.
PRIMA grantees lead their own research project at a Swiss higher education institution. They work independently and have a team of their own.
Deadline for submission is : November 1st, 2017


Ambizione grants are aimed at young researchers who wish to conduct, manage and lead an independent project at a Swiss higher education institution.
The funding scheme would like to promote researchers from Switzerland as well from abroad. In addition, researchers working as non-professorial teaching staff at higher education institutions are entitled to apply for project funds under Ambizione.
Deadline for submission is : November 1st, 2017

ERC - Synergy Grant

The ERC Synergy Grants have been developed in order to bring together complementary skills, knowledge and resources from 2-4 excellent researchers with the goal of jointly addressing research problems.
Deadline for submission is : November 14, 2017


Support competitively selected joint research training and doctoral programmes, implemented by European partnerships of universities, research institutions, and non-academic organisations.
Deadline for submission is : January 2018 (we will keep you informed)

Postdoc.Mobility fellowships

The first call for Postdoc.Mobility fellowships will be launched on 1 November 2017.
Deadline for submission is :  February 1st 2018

ERC - Consolidator Grant


The ERC Consolidator Grants offer funding to top researchers who are in position of consolidating their independent research team and career (7 to 12 years after PhD).The call will open in October 2017.
Deadline for submission is February 2018

Professeurs Boursiers FNS

The next call for the instrument succeeding "SNSF professorships" will soon be published on the SNSF website. We will keep you informed.

More calls for projects

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Dr Laure Ognois-Zaugg,
Director Research Services

Dr Alex Waehry,
Head European and international research support - Euresearch

Dr Caroline Loutre,
Head National and regional research support

Sandra Lanz,
Ad-interim Coordinator of the Secretariat SNSF Research commission at UNIGE

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