The purpose of the Ambizione grant is to enhance the scientific profile of researchers from Switzerland and abroad and to help them become scientifically independent early in their career with a project of their own. Scientists holding non-professorial academic positions at higher education institutions are also eligible to apply. An Ambizione grant covers the grantee's salary and the funds needed to carry out the project. An Ambizione project grant, however, comprises only project funds. The grants are awarded for a maximum of four years.

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How to get the General Confirmation Ambizione for the November 1st call?

General confirmation is coordinated by the Research Services and can be obtained at service-recherche(at) Requests should be submitted before October 11th

Thank you to add

  • Name and email of the fellow
  • The Detailed confirmation from the Department/Center (instructions given by SNSF)
  • An English resumé or synopsis in English (which will be used to establish the General confirmation)

The General Confirmation will be sent as a pdf document to be uploaded in your submission on mySNF.

November 1, 2021