SNFS - Swiss National Science Foundation

The SNFS Open calls will give you the complete details of the actual open calls, below you will find a summary :

Submission deadline : 01.02.2023

First MARVIS call
Submission deadline : 01.02.2023

SNSF Starting Grants 2023
Submission deadline : 01.02.2023

CHIST-ERA call 2022: New topics for European projects
Submission deadline : 02.02.2023

Solution-oriented Research for Development (SOR4D) programme – 2nd call
Submission deadline : 13.02.2023

JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowships 2023
Submission deadline : 13.02.2023

Joint call with South Korea
Submission deadline : 15.02.2023

BRIDGE Discovery
Submission deadline : 27.02.2023

BRIDGE Proof of Concept
Submission deadline : 06.03.2023

JPIAMR-Call: AMR diagnostics and surveillance
Submission deadline : 07.03.2023

Submission deadline : 15.03.2023

Project funding
Submission deadline : 03.04.2023

Submission deadline : 17.04.2023

Projets COST in Switzerland
Submission deadline : 20.04.2023

Submission deadline : 02.05.2023

The SNSF offers a range of research funding schemes, each with its own budget. In so doing, it seeks to implement the principle of fair competition: applications must always be evaluated in a competitive procedure through comparisons with similar applications.

​For funding purposes, the SNSF distinguishes between:

Science communication
Horizon Europe measures
Supplementary measures

In the funding of projects, careers, infrastructures and science communication, the applicants are free to define the topic and scope of their research projects themselves.