COVID-19 - Impact on research programmes and projects

In relation to the COVID-19 outbreak:

deadlines for some calls have been extended
specific actions have been taken on research programmes and projects

Please refer to the information published on the reference websites:


Horizon 2020 - The EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation

COVID-19: Q&A on the temporary impact on contractual procedures
This set of Q&A is designed to provide guidance on the interpretation of the contractual provisions during the current COVID-19 pandemic.


European Research Council
EC continuity measures to manage research activities ERC funded research projects (Source: European Commission)

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA)
Consequences for Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) projects and related activities (Source: European Commission)

A Coronavirus page has been created on the MSCA website with related information for the MSCA community.


H2020 Project Management advices

  • If your project (ERC, MSCA, collaborative project) is already facing or will face disruptions and delays due to the containment measures, please contact the EC Project Officer in charge of your project as soon as possible - keeping Research Service posted;
  • If your grant/project cannot start in time due to the current containment situation, please inform the EC Project Officer for an alternative start date to be considered – keeping Research Service posted;
  • Please keep a good documented track of all foreseen scientific and financial impact, the containment measures will have on your project. Keep records of all additional costs incurred;
  • If you have postponed of cancelled meetings, travels, workshops, etc., please request first a reimbursement via your cancelation insurance. If this is not applicable, or the insurance does not reimburse, please keep records of all incurred costs and email exchanges with your insurance for further justification.

On the link below, you will find answers to the most frequent questions that have been submitted to the Research Enquiry Service and Participant Validation, IT Helpdesk, eProcurement Helpdesk, Call Coordinators and H2020 NCP correspondents.COVID-19 FAQ for H2020 (Source: European Commission)

LERU propositions for Covid-19 impact management in H2020 projects


Grant Management under COVID-19
A short and concise EC presentation on the Grant Management.

Please remember
If you predict significant or major impacts or disruptions to your project, please contact proactively the UNIGE Research Services. For financial related issues (financial reports, etc.), please contact UNIGE DIFIN.


SNSF – Swiss National Science Foundation

Coronavirus: SNSF update
SNSF provides flexible solutions for researchers
Doc.mobility – Planned abroad stay in a high-risk region–  Extension of mobility fellowships (Source: SNSF)


The Swiss Federal Council 

CF - Coronavirus: "Swiss Innovation Force" stimulus program, amendment of the ordinance on the encouragement of research and innovation (in French, German and Italian)

On December 11, 2020, the Swiss Federal Council decided to bring into force on January 1, 2021 an amendment to the ordinance on the encouragement of research and innovation (O-LERI), necessary for the implementation of the “Swiss Innovation Force” stimulus program. Limited to two years, the amendment lowers the level of own investment required to companies in innovation projects


Other research programmes

Support young UNIGE researchers
Young researchers who believe they have had a significant impact in their research work and whose contract or grant is temporary, can apply for an extension under certain conditions.
Information, forms and directives.

Memento UNIGE

NIH - National Institutes of Health
For flexibilities applicable to NIH applicants and recipients where the entity is conducting research activities related to or affected by COVID-19 please refer to the available FAQs.


Further information
Research Services remain at your disposal for any further information or advice.

National and Lemanic research programmes
European and international research programmes

Please always refer to offical web sites of the programs