FNS funding instruments


Annex 1

mySNF Terms of Use (PDF, 202 KB)

Annex 2

Grants for scientific open access e-publications (publication grants) (PDF, 209 KB)

Annex 3

Conference grants (PDF, 108 KB)

Annex 4

Flexibility grants (PDF)

Annex 5

Mobility grants for doctoral students working on SNSF-funded research projects (PDF, 121 KB)

Annex 6

Research time for clinicians (PDF, 112 KB)

Annex 7

Costs for gender equality measures: Gender equality grant (PDF, 108 KB)

Annex 8

Grants for exemption from teaching duties (PDF, 108 KB)

Annex 9

Recognised grant administration offices (PDF, 92 KB)

Annex 10a

Cooperation agreement with grant administration offices (PDF)

Annex 10b

Agreement on the administration of a grant (PDF)

Annex 11

SNSF contact persons (heads of finance units) (PDF, 134 KB)

Annex 12

Salary ranges, guidelines for employees funded under SNSF grants, and blanket amounts for social security contributions (PDF)

Annex 13

Sample employment contract (PDF, 130 KB)


Further regulations: