UNIGE Regulations

UNIGE regulations in relation to scientific research

Several charters, guidelines and University policies issued by the Rectorate describe the framework set by the University for scientific research.

The UNIGE Mémento consolidates all official University documents.

Charter of ethics and deontology

Affirms the ethical values that are the foundation of academic teaching and research, and which are the source of the rules of conduct and the activities of the University community as a whole.

Guidelines on post-retirement activities of professors
Define the conditions on the exercise of post-retirement activities (beyond the academic year where the person concerned reaches the age of 65 years).

Guidelines on the conclusion of research collaboration agreements and on research services contracts
Define the procedures for the conclusion of research collaboration agreements, and provides to researchers the University’s recommendations for contract negotiations. 

Guidelines on donations, legacies, and grants
Set the conditions for the acceptance of grants awarded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), European (H2020 etc.) and national programs (NIH etc.).

Guidelines on integrity in scientific research
Aim at guaranteeing integrity in scientific research, promoting high quality research, ensuring a coherent framework for integrity, sensitizing researchers to the risks stemming from conflicts of interest, and defining a procedure for alleged violations of integrity.

Guidelines on application at the University of the law on public information, access to documents, and protection of personal data (LIPAD)
Aim at informing members of the University community of the law on public information, access to documents, and protection of personal data (LIPAD), and to promote its consistent application.

Guidelines on signature of orders, contracts or agreement on behalf of the University
Clarify the authority to sign of University staff who are called upon to place orders or enter into contracts or agreements with a third party on behalf of the University in the course of their duties.

Guidelines on H2020 timesheets
Set the procedure for completing timesheets for projects under the 8th framework program for research and innovation of the European Union « Horizon 2020 » (H2020).

Instiutional policy on management of research data
Affirms the importance of sound management of research data, and reminds the stakeholders of their respective duties.

Institutional procedure for opening and management of institutional funds and generic funds
Determines the procedure and the rules govering the opening and management of external funds (research contracts, SNF, European grants, NIH grants, other grants).

Charter for open science which marks the commitment of the institution and the academic community to the sharing of scientific knowledge. The Charter affirms the University's adherence to the principles of open science, which aims to ensure free and easy access to scientific publications, research data and the methodologies used to generate this data.

 These institutional documents also form the basis of the procedures and guidance documents which govern the administrative, financial and legal aspects of research project implementation. The researchers who participate in the submission or implementation of a research project are invited to consult them.