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Gruber Hélène

Hélène Gruber

Adminstrative assistant

+41 22 379 76 47
+41 22 3791321

Research and Grants Office Service assistant
Presence : Monday-Friday 08:00-14:00 / Thursday 08:00-16:00

Holder of a commercial maturity, she began her career at Digital which allowed her to be immersed in the IT environment. She continued her career at Glaxo as a system administrator. When Glaxo was acquired, she had the opportunity to continue in IT support and development of the Intranet site for the IT department.

Then she continued her career in training and the "creation of tips & tricks" at Merck Serono, while managing the department's site. Then she was responsible for managing the mobile telephone contracts of employees and setting up a procedure for managing computer accounts for VPN access and preparing for the closure of the site.

When Merck Serono closed, she was hired in 2014 at the University of Geneva as an administrative assistant in the Research Support Service and being the personal assistant of the Director of the Service.

She is the "entry point" for all general questions about the Research Support Service and will be able to direct you to the person in charge of the question you have.

She carries out all the administrative tasks relating to the good management of the group, organizes the events of the service and maintains the website. She is also the HR relay for the group.


List of collaborators, contacts