Success stories

Results of the Ambizone 2018 call

Ambizione grants are aimed at young researchers who wish to conduct, manage and lead an independent project at a Swiss higher education institution. The scheme supports young researchers both from Switzerland and abroad. Scientists holding non-professorial academic positions at higher education institutions are also eligible to submit an application. The duration of the grant is four years.


Press release extract

Le succès des chercheurs-euses est à souligne la compétitivité de  l’Université de Genève qui figure en 2eme position en nombre de subsides alloués (13 lauréat-e-s), juste derrière l’Ecole Polytechnique de Zürich (15 lauréat-e-s) et atteste de la compétitivité de la recherche genevoise en terme de tremplin de carrière.

Congratulations to the new grantees!


  • Gaël Buldgen : Seismic inversions and modelling of transport processes in stars
  • Javier del Valle Granda : Correlated oxides for Neuromorphic Computing
  • Simon Flandin : Resilience-Oriented Training for Safety-concerned Organizations
  • Dominik Gruber : The spectrum of infinite monster groups
  • Merlin Kole : Understanding Gamma-Ray Bursts using Multi-Instrument and Multi-Parameter studies
  • Pablo Marchant : Understanding the formation of the most massive stellar black holes
  • Giacomo Mazza : Quantum Materials and Cavity QED
  • Giovanni Merlo: The privileged present: from phenomenology to metaphysics
  • Graziano Oldani : Immunosuppression-free transplantation of autologous livers grown in xenogeneic species
  • Marti Perarnau Llobet : Quantum Thermodynamics: From foundations to applications 
  • Minerva Concepcion Rivas Velarde : Assessing the Impact of Video Remote Sign Language Interpreting in Healthcare: Linking Disability Studies with Empirical Challenges of Public Health Research
  • Paolo Sachet : The Greek Imprint on Europe: Patristics and Publishing in the Early Swiss Reformation
  • Josef Philipp Trein
  • The Politicization of E-Government. A Comparative Analysis across Policy Domains and Countries