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Séminaires Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine

- " Non coding RNAs cooperate with signalling pathways to define neuronal stem cells fate", Pr E. Ferretti, 27/11/2018, 14h15, CMU

- "Cell therapy of Duchenne Muscular dystrophy: why it may work", Pr. G. Cossu, 25/05/2018, 13h, CMU

- "Molecular mechanisms of cortical interneuron diversity and plasticity", Pr Oscar Marin, 20/10/2017, 12h15, CMU C02.2236.a (ex A250)

- "Origins of metastasis – are unfaithful enhancers to blame?", Dr Sakari Vanharanta, 29/09/2017, 14h15, CMU C02.2245.a (ex C150)

- "Cancer: The Evil Companion Corrupting Good Behaviour", Dr Ilaria Malanchi, 22/09/2017, 14h15, CMU C02.2245.a (ex C150)

- "Material exchange between donor and host photoreceptors:  A new way of looking at retinal cell transplantation", Dr. Valerie Wallace, 24/04/2017, 11h30, CMU C150

- "Notch in Alagille syndrome, and a novel tool to manipulate gene expression in development", Prof. Emma Andersson, 27/11/2015, 14h, CMU C150

- "Stem cells, bioethics, and the sociology of medical promises", Prof. Alex Mauron, 16/10/2015, 14h, CMU C150


A la fin du séminaire, faire signer l’attestation de présence par l’un des organisateurs.