Innovation in Biocatalysis: Call for Proposals


“Innovation in Biocatalysis” will support interdisciplinary cooperation between specialists in chemistry, biotechnology, biology and engineering and foster the development of new educational principles with the aim to facilitate the transfer of academic knowledge to industrial application and create a network for dynamic and innovative biocatalysis in Switzerland.   

 Currently two calls are open for proposal submission:

 Research Projects

The call will support projects concerned with biocatalysis, i.e. the chemical transformation catalyzed by one or multiple enzymes in any form, and platforms enabling the discovery, application and optimization of biocatalysts.

Curricular Elements

The call will support development of Curricular Elements aiming at a long-term integration of biocatalysis in life sciences education to facilitate the use of enzyme systems for modern production processes.

 For further information please refer to the leaflet attached and our homepage:

 Deadline 31.07.2017

16 mai 2017