Programme-cadre de recherche et d’innovation de l’Union européenne (2014-2020)

Project submission

Project submission_procedures.png

General process

Proposals for H2020 projects/actions are set-up electronically using the electronic submission system of European Commission’s web Portal (Funding & Tender Portal, ex Participant Portal) which is an online wizard that guides step-by-step through the preparation of the proposal providing any useful information (on-line manual, FAQ, etc.). The process is activated the PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR (resp. the coordinator for collaborative projects), pressing the « Start Submission » button on the relevant call page. The coordinator provides access to the project partners, respectively the PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATORS to contribute and check their own administrative and scientific data. The process may differ depending on the project type and the submission mode (one-stage or two-stage), the one-stage mode being the most common one.

Proposal content

H2020 proposals typically contain 1) administrative forms with structured information of the basic administrative data, declarations of partners, organisations and contact persons, etc., 2) the description of the planned research and innovation project presenting work packages, milestones, consortium members, implementation plans, budget-ressources, etc., and 3) mandatory or optional annexes (e.g. supporting documents for ethics issues) can be required by the call and the given topic, as shown in the submission system. Precise proposal contents depend on the subprogramme and the type of action :

Authorisations and responsibilities

Before committing to enter an H2020 proposal, the PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR should check the necessary authorisations. For submissions implying institutional commitments (letters of intent, confidentiality agreements, etc.) please inform us as soon as possible for a timely administrative follow-up. For ERC « Letters of commitment of the Host institution », please inform us at least one month before the submission deadline if ever possible.


The PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR can register UNIGE to the proposal directly in the EC web portal (Funding and Tender Portal), using University of Geneva’s registered Participant Identification Code (PIC) which generates automatically all legal/administrative institutional UNIGE data :

PIC UNIGE 999974650 (Université de Genève)

Budget and financial aspects

For all budgeting and financial questions, in particular for H2020 collaborative projects and ERC grants, please refer to the dedicated guidelines and related documents.

Administrative and contractual aspects

For all administration, Intellectual property, data protection/management, ethics, dual-use/military application, third parties and financial conflict of interest questions, please refer to the following document :

Final compliance self-check before submission

The administrative/financial/legal compliance self-check is compulsory for any submission. All check points must be cleared by the PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR before submission.

Proposal submission

All applications are submitted electronically by the coordinator through the EC Portal. Swiss participants must fully comply with all H2020 rules for participation/dissemination and the H2020 General Grant Agreement – as all their European partners.

Further information and support

Additional programme-specific information/documentation on request.

Personal briefings of Principal Investigators (ERC applicants, project coordinators, special issues).

Public information seminars and workshops

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