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Calls for proposals are published continuously all along the year by the European Commission.
Euresearch call e-alerts offer updated information on all published or expected calls.
Clients already registered are kindly requested to check/update their profile of interest.

Swiss status and eligibility

As of 1st of January 2017 Switzerland participtes in Horizon 2020 with a "Full Association" (Associated country)

Get started - Consortium set-up

Information, advice, training and support is provided by EC services (incl. National Contact Points), Euresearch network and Unige Research Services, as well by external consultants and IT-platforms.

Consortium set-up may involve active partner search

Project registration

Projects are registered (and later submitted) in the EC Participant Portal (PP), using the institution's “PIC - Participant Identification Code” (UNIGE: 999974650).

All legal/administrative institutional data is generated automatically when entering the PIC in the PP, with the exception of the "Short name" ("UNIGE" for Université de Genève) which has to be inserted manually.

Financial and other data must be added directly in the PP.


The general H2020 funding rules described in the official EC's “H2020 Annotated Model Grant Agreement” are relevant. The European Finance Helpdesk provides also some useful information and tools:

At the institutional level, it is the Principal Investigator’s responsibility to set up the budget, with support of his/her department’s administrative services for all financial and HR issues. The Research Services - Euresearch provides H2020-specific information and advice, in close collaboration with the Finance and Accounting Division - DIFIN.

Please note that all budgets submitted to the EU (H2020) are in EUR, based on a budget in CHF. Please check here for the relevant exchange rates.

 The Research Services - Euresearch provides also general guidelines on budgeting, as well as complementary and more detailed information on cost classifications in H2020 budget:

Intellectual property rights must be addressed properly in the proposal, considering also that all funded projects must conclude a Consonsortium Agreement before signing the Grant Agreement.

Third parties

 UNIGE researchers wishing to submit an H2020 project including contributions provided by another institution are requested to contact us in order to define the relevant third party set-up.

 In particular, for projects with contributions provided by the University Hospital of Geneva (HUG), researchers are requested to contact us and to refer to the infosheets below.

 Proposal submission

All projects applications are submitted electronically through the EC's Participant Portal.

Swiss participants must fully comply with all H2020 rules for participation/dissemination and the H2020 General Grant Agreement – as all their European partners.

 UNIGE-internal deadlines

 For submissions implying institutional commitments (letters of intent, confidentiality agreements, etc.) or particular financial/contractual management issues (equipments, third parties / subcontracting, clinical test, ethical issues, etc.), please inform us as soon as possible for a timely administrative follow-up.

 For ERC “Letters of commitment of the Host institution”, please inform us at least one month before the submission deadline if ever possible

Disclaimer: Please refer always to official EC documents.

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