International Conference: “Changing academic governance: policies, resistances, opportunities”

4.jpgInequality vs inclusiveness in changing academic governance: 

policies, resistances, opportunities 

Organized by 



Department of Political Science University of Naples Federico II 

The International Conference will be hosted by the University of Naples Federico II, Italy, from the 16th – 17th of September 2019.


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In the last decades, profound transformations have been re-shaping academia and the research environment. Recent reforms in funding structures, research assessment exercises, and accountability procedures are redesigning the practices in academic work, redefining research schedules and determining relevant effects on scientific career paths. The academic practices emerging in these contexts produce new inequalities while strengthening old ones. Changing rules in recruitment and career development of researchers in some instances reduce and in others intensify the pre-existing gender gaps, having ambivalent impacts on different researchers’ cohorts, on minorities, on universities of different sizes, and different regional contexts. 

European policies are orienting research and innovation processes towards the development of more responsible and inclusive research practices, able to respond to the challenges of contemporary society. Gender Equality plans and mentoring programs in scientific institutions are part of these practices, fostering diversity in academia. Implemented in different national and cultural contexts, they offer a variety of models to tackle inequalities in academia, develop intergenerational exchange and encourage diversity. 

This conference, organized by the University of Naples Federico II and EUMENT-NET (European network of mentoring programs in academia), aims to encourage the debate about the impact of current transformations on academic landscapes in terms of gender and diversity, and about the achievements of equality action plans and related practices among: 

  • academics and researchers from different research fields,
  • decision-makers in academia and government bodies,
  • practitioners from academic and research institutions (project managers and persons in charge of the implementation of gender equality plans/projects, mentoring programs, etc., and other HR development professionals).

Keynote speakers:

  • Marieke van den Brink, Professor of Gender & Diversity at the Radboud, Nijmegen University
  • Annalisa Murgia, PhD department social and political sciences, Milan University


We welcome empirical and theoretical contributions (about your research or project) on the following topics: 

– New forms of techno-scientific governance and their impact in terms of gender and diversity in academia 

– Excellence and bias effects in academic recruitment and career progression 

– Contribution of gender studies and STS feminist studies to fostering gender equality in academia 

– Contribution of HR professionals to fostering gender equality in academia 

– Gender equality action plans in academic and research institutions 

– Mentoring programs as a tool for supporting and developing diversity in academia 

– Cultural change in the research institutions through mentoring programs 

– Mentoring programs benefits for mentees, mentors and institutions 

For practitioners, there will be organized expert exchange sessions.


Organizing committee: 

EUMENT-NET committee: Katerina Cidlinska, Dagmar Höppel, Ulrike Kéré, Ekaterina Masetkina, Olivia Och, University of Geneva, Evelyn Rusdea. 

Local committee: Maria Carmela Agodi, Carlo De Luca, Adele Lauria, Vincenzo Lapiccirella, Emanuele Madonia, Ilenia Picardi, Caterina Rinaldi, Mariacristina Sciannamblo. 

Scientific committee: 

Maria Carmela Agodi (Università di Napoli Federico II), Katerina Cidlinska (Czech Academy of Sciences, EUMENT-NET), Fabio Corbisiero (Università di Napoli Federico II, AIS Studi di Genere), Ilenia Picardi (Università di Napoli Federico II), Harald Rohracher (Linköping University, RN24 Science and Technology, European Sociological Association – ESA), Assunta Viteritti (Università di Roma La Sapienza, STS Italia), Ann Elise Widding Isaksen (University of Bergen, RN33 Women’s and Gender Studies – European Sociological Association – ESA). 

In case of any questions, please contact: inclusiveacademyconference2019(at)


Download here the Call for Conference in pdf format

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