Projet Interrégional Laboratoire de l’Egalité – PILE

15 janvier 2019 | Gender norms and stereotypes

 8:15 – 12 :00| Faculty of Sciences














Workshop | Gender norms and stereotypes

Gender norms and stereotypes are live and well. Although Western societies have made much progress towards gender equality, men and women tend to conform to traditional roles and behaviors. In this workshop, I will draw on Social Psychological research to illustrate how gender norms and stereotypes influence many different aspects of our lives (personal choices, relationships with others, decisional biases, etc.), and how this contributes to overall gender inequality. I will also highlight psychological barriers to social change, and consider the ways to overcome them. During a set of practical exercises, participants will finally be invited to assess and challenge their own beliefs on the matter. After this workshop, participants will have a greater level of awareness regarding this topic, and a better understanding both of the origin and possible solutions to gender inequality in society.



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