Vice-recteur Antoine Geissbuhler

Departments : Digital University, Scientific  Information, Knowledge and Technology Transfers, CIBM, Information and Communication Systems Division.

A trained internal medicine physician, Antoine Geissbuhler specialized in medical informatics at Vanderbilt University. Since 1999, he has directed the chair in medical informatics at the University of Geneva’s Faculty of Medicine, the UNESCO chair in digital medical education, and the e-health and telemedicine service of the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG), a recognized WHO partner. As president of the Health On the Net foundation, he works to promote the quality of medical information on the Internet. Past president of the International Medical Informatics Association, he is interested in the potential of digital tools for the overall development of health systems. Professor and former Vice Dean of the University of Geneva’s Faculty of Medicine in charge of humanitarian and international medicine, he is the senior physician of the e-health and telemedicine service of the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG) and in charge of the HUG’s center for innovation.

 His research focuses on creation of new IT tools targeting improvement in the quality and efficiency of processes of care. His research is applied at the local level in the Geneva healthcare system, at the national level for the implementation of the Swiss e-health strategy, and at the international level with projects such as RAFT, a major telemedicine network that connects hundreds of healthcare professionals in 20 countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

 Antoine Geissbuhler joined the Rectorate as digital transformation director as on December 2018. His mandate  broadened to the University’s digital strategy as well as innovation starting 15 July 2019, when he became a Vice-Rector.