01.04.2019 - New publication by Lukas Mohr in collaboration with SCCER Biosweet

The results of the Master thesis by Lukas Mohr on spatial hot spots and clusters of bioenergy in Switzerland are now available in Renewable Energy. A cluster analysis identified five municipality groups with similar bioenergy potential structure, while a hot spot analysis showed that Swiss bioenergy hot spots lie in urban or intensely farmed areas of the Central Plateau and cold spots are located in the Alps. A further socio-economic analysis showed that factors such as household income, political orientation and population density differ strongly between various clusters, hot spots and cold spots. These results help to find areas where new bioenergy projects are best located from a resource and socio-economic perspective.

Full reference

Mohr, L., Burg, V., Thees, O., Trutnevyte, E., 2019. Spatial hot spots and clusters of bioenergy combined with socio-economic analysis in Switzerland. Renew. Energy 140, 840–851.


Mohr et al 2018.png


Combination of the results from the cluster analysis and the hot spot analysis. 




April 1, 2019