05.06.2019 - New article in Renewable Energy on the spatial diffusion of solar PV in Switzerland

The results of the Master thesis by Christoph Thormeyer on the spatial diffusion patterns of solar PV projects in Switzerland are now available in Renewable Energy. Using a dataset of feed-in tariff and one-time subsidy recipients in 2016, the study shows that PV diffusion was spatially uneven throughout Switzerland in terms of four indicators: number of PV projects per municipality, per 1′000 inhabitants, per unit of municipal electricity demand, and per unit of municipal land area. Urban-rural divide and exploitable solar PV potential are the key, but not the only predictors of the spatial heterogeneity in PV diffusion. The structure of the municipal economy, socio-demographic characteristics, regional spillover effects, and additional differences in local contexts, such as local policies, matter as well. 


Full reference

Thormeyer, C., Sasse, J.-P., Trutnevyte, E., 2019. Spatially-explicit models should consider real-world diffusion of renewable electricity: Solar PV example in Switzerland. Renew. Energy.

June 5, 2019